Who do we work with?

Value Quest seeks partners which share Value Quest’s values. We invest essentially in teams and their potential, as it is predominantly human capital which determines the success of an investment.

We have experience in each of the following areas and are looking forward to cooperating with:



  1. Entrepreneurs who need funds for the development of their own businesses and look for a long-term business partner;

  2. Entrepreneurs who develop innovative and capital-intensive technologies with public funding and look for partners that can co-finance their projects;



  1. Managers who wish to acquire the companies they run;

  2. Managers who intend to buy out a company or to invest in a well selected project;


Company owners

  1. Private company owners who have decided to devote the rest of their lives to passions unrelated to business;



  1. Companies and company owners who are in distress due to insufficient financial liquidity or other temporary problems;

  2. Companies that wish to sell their non-core assets;


International companies

  1. International companies who, for various reasons, have decided to scale down or close their activity in Poland;


Insolvency administrators

  1. Insolvency administrators;

How do we work?

Each company is unique and requires an individual approach.

Value Quest Value Quest is characterized by a flexible approach to each investment project. However, we bring a proven approach and process to each investment:

  • 1 Signing a NDA
  • 2 Working meetings
  • 3 Presenting a non-binding offer
  • 4 Due Diligence
  • 5 Signing the contract/SPA and carrying out the transaction
  • 6 Exiting the investment


After many years of working together as an investment group, the Value Quest team has begun its independent investment activities in 2016. VQ has a pipeline of investments it is considering, born of its experience and relationships built across time in the Polish business community.

To date, VQ has invested in and cooperates with the management boards of the following companies:

The company designs, develops and produces advanced radio communication systems used by secret services, the police and the army. The best quality of the products renders them marketable around the globe. Secom is the first investment made by the Value Quest.

The company owns & operates the river Port of Kedzierzyn Kozle, located in the hart of most industrialized part of Poland. KKT’s mission is to transform the port into modern and efficient handling & storage facility for containers, liquid and dry bulk cargo.

TTcomm (exited in June 2019)
TTcomm is supplier of satellite services in Poland and Germany. Based on advanced and unique infrastructure, the company provides services to commercial and public entities.

The company develops and manages self-service car wash chain. Its facilities are caracterized by the highest wash quality, complete offer including additional services and products, many payment methods and convenient locations.
Our goal is to build the largest car wash network in CEE.

Ceramika Podkarpacka
Ceramika Podkarpacka is a producer of high-quality ceramic blocks.
The production takes place in one of the most technologically advanced  facility in both Poland and Europe. Owing to VQ’s investment, the production profile of the factory was switched from roof tiles and clinker bricks into ceramic blocks.

Marketlab is a leading Polish retail tech vendor. The Company develops solutions within two key areas: (i) shelf digitization and (ii) automated retail.
Marketlab enables retailers to better operate everyday and improve consumers’ shopping experience. The Company has already been trusted by many local and international market players.

Szop24 is a modern approach to automated sales. The Company develops and operates a network of smart vending machines equipped with state-of-the-art technological solutions from Marketlab which enable a change in the traditional shopping experience of the vending customer and full operational control over the managed machines parc.
Szop24’s vending machines are located especially in large workplaces and high traffic points.